Decorative Veneering – DVD


The Art of Decorative Veneering.

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A informative, detailed, and high-quality 80 minute DVD on the Art of Decorative Veneering.

This DVD covers:
Introduction to Veneer

Overview and History

Ordering, Storing and Flattening Veneer

Designing with Veneers and Core Materials

Demonstrations of Tools, Cutting Techniques and Sharpening

Demonstration of Assembly Techniques in Creating a Panel
The Use of Glues and Veneer Presses
Sanding and Finishing

A Portfolio of Marquetry Furniture

The companion booklet includes information from the dvd, as well additional information on design theory, detailed instructions, illustrations, and an extensive glossary, resource list and tool catalog.

The dvd has a useful index on the menu which allows easy access to all the different chapters and tips that are covered in this instructional program, to help you in your projects.