Hardwood Plywood Handbook


This book is a visual companion to the Hardwood Plywood Veneer Association voluntary standards for hardwood and decorative plywood.

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This is an excellent reference for sales representatives, specifiers, distributors, purchasing personnel, woodworkers and end users.

Topics Include:

Characteristics of species commonly used in hardwood plywood faces. Ash, Yellow Birch, Black Cherry, hard Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, Western White Pine and Black Walnut.
The tree, leaf, fruit, wood, working properties, physical properties.

Explanations and visuals of veneer cutting methods – Rotary, plain sliced, quartered and rift.

Core types and characteristics:: particle board, combination, MDF, veneer core and more..

Visuals on veneer matching: Book, slip, pleasing, plank, random.

Visuals on the organization of individual leaves for running match, balance match and center match.

Also inlcudes details on specifying hardwood, face and back grades, notes about sapwood and heartwood.