Parts and Service

Service, Installation and Training

Our service technicians have been trained on site, at the factory, where they learn from the machine designers and builders. Training begins with individual instruction taught by the machine designers of each system component; mainframe housing, pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical, optics, electronics and operation. Then on to working on the shop floor, building machines. Training is an ongoing process which repeats itself with each new design enhancement, each new product and refresher courses.


  • Hot Presses
  • Veneer Saws
  • Glue Spreaders
  • Stroke Sanders
  • Case Clamps


  • Longitudinal Splicer with inline glue application
  • Double sided splicer glue applicator

Veneer Systems

  • Hand Held Zig Zag Splicer
  • Table Top Zig Zag Splicer


  • Single Knife Guillotines
  • End Clippers

Ruckle Parts

Having introduced the Ruckle line to North America in 1977, we have a full and complete knowledge base from which to draw on. We maintain a library of blueprints, parts lists and operating manuals on nearly all models.

We stock over 125 Ruckle items including; gears, glue applicators, seal kits, hydraulic components, leather belts, reflectors, switches and many more. We can also source virtually any other part for Ruckle machines.

When you need GENUINE OEM Ruckle parts, give us a call.


Nose Bars, Pressure Pads, Knives and Grinding Stones