10 CFM Vacuum Pump


The Hi-Flo vacuum pump was designed specifically for professional woodworking shops that demand durability and dependability from their vacuum pump.

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The Hi-Flo pump delivers reliable performance with increased speed (10CFM) when needed by larger shops. This workhorse system offers maximum performance on all levels of veneering and laminating.

The heart of the Hi-Flo Industrial VacuPress is a maintenance-free 3/4 HP 10 cfm oil-less rotary vane vacuum pump chosen, like the Standard, for its industry proven performance.

This powerful pump, combined with larger flow lines and double entrance vacuum bags, achieves full vacuum 100% faster. These features are extremely valuable when dealing with larger curved work and multi bag operations (the Hi-Flo VacuPress can accommodate up to three bags with the addition of our manifold adapter). A repeatedly accurate micro pressure switch guarantees consistent vacuum levels with an adjustable feature. This allows variable vacuum settings necessary for the various pressure needs of high elevation shops, curved work, and different glue types.

3/4 HP self-adjusting oil-less rotary vane vacuum pump with thermal overload protection.

10 cfm vacuum rate for rapid evacuation time.

Maximum vacuum of 27" HG / automatic shutoff at 25" HG (1774 lbs. per sq. foot).

Easy access, see-through filter jar for dust removal.

Quick disconnect between pump and bag.

Micro-pressure switch maintains consistent vacuum level with adjustable pressure setting.

Vacuum gauge and lighted on/off switch for monitoring vacuum process.

Pump dimensions: 10 1/4" W x10 1/2" H x 27"L.

Weighs 84 pounds.

Operators manual with complete instructions on pressing veneers, curved work, and glues.

One-year limited warranty.