96 inch Miracle Veneer Trimmer


For sliding table saws. Joint a single leaf to a full bundle of veneer up to 96 inches long by 20 inches wide, plus a 90 degree cross cut guide.

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It makes your veneering projects move so fast, so quickly, you’ll be splicing and pressing before you know it.

Though the design and assembly are fairly complicated the operation of the Miracle Veneer Trimmer is very simple and fast. The clamp pads are super tough phenolic sheet and the clamping wedges are resilient high-density polyethylene.

Now you can slip, book, box, book and butt match or create a starburst for your projects – without hours of seaming or using expensive plywood manufacturers.

1. You can trim and seam from one piece to a whole 16 pc bundle of standard veneer all at one time.

2. You can also cross cut the whole bundle so cleanly that it is ready to be butt matched. 3. You can cut an entire fan cut tabletop at one time – in less than 20 minutes!

4. You can miter cut the parts of any polygon all at the same time.

5. All the cuts are jointed, ready to splice with tape, zig zag or solid glue line.

6. Maximum cross cut width of 24 inches x unlimited length