Electrically Heated Replacement Platens

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Nowadays, virtually all veneer presses are equipped with electrical heating plates. They are distinguished by an extremely long service life and easily compensate for small tolerances in the thickness of the product being pressed.

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* Absolutely flat pressing surfaces. No rivets or screws, therefore
oversized pressed parts are not a problem.
* Short heat-up period, ready for operation in next to no time.
* Approx. 100°C in 8 – 12 minutes
* Low power consumption through excellent thermal conductivity
* Even temperature distribution throughout the pressing surface
* Short work cycles of approx. 3 minutes
* Long-lasting heating conductor system. Resistant to high pressure, the solid
insulating plates are designed for optimum pressure transfer in all press types
* Various pressing surface types
* All non-standard sizes, hotplates or other products on request

Kombi – E
Almost 90 % of all new machines are equipped with anodised heating plates.
The anodized finish is available in either silver or gold color.

Kombi-E Benefits
* Excellent corrosion-proofing
* High surface hardness
* Heating plates easy to clean
* Minimum use of release agents

Kombi – S
Electrical combination heating plate with rolled polished surface.
Standard finish for all veneer presses.

Kombi-S Benefits
* Hard aluminium alloy
* Special flat-rolled aluminium sheet
* Tried and tested in 100’s of applications
* Meets all demands of veneering work