MPA Slow – 1 gallon


A PVA with a slow set speed for projects requiring long assembly time.

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MPA SLOW – Yellow

Type: Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsion

A slow setting adhesive specially formulated for room temperature bonding of wood or
similar porous substrate where a slower set time and a longer assembly time is desired. Very high heat resistance and excellent assembly time tolerance.

Directions For Use:
* Use freshly machined stock free from dirt or oil
* Apply to one side of stock with brush roller or roll spreader
* Assembly time 15 to 45 minutes depending on temperature, moisture-content, species & porosity.
* Clamp time 45-120 minutes depending on conditions.
* Dead stack overnight before machining.

Water, while still wet. Dried material can be removed mechanically.

Cool temperatures 55° to 70° F is ideal. Use polyethylene, aluminum or fiberglass
containers. Avoid contact with iron.