Pizzi – 3 gallon dispensing tank

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Pizzi three gallon pressure tank for PVA glue dispensing with universal nozzle and faucet adapter.

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PVA adhesive is stored in the tank. While under pressure, it will not cure. Provides a convenient, cleaner way to dispense glue.
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Operating instructions; unscrew the four star bolts, remove lid and inner plastic container (if present), fill with approximately 2 1/4 gallons of PVA glue. Replace the lid and tighten four star bolts. Pressurize the tank to 75 psi, do not leave the compressed air source connected. The compressed air in the tank is sufficient to dispense the glue. The tank will dispense glue down to 10-15 psi without recharging. The tank can be pressurized during use to maintain specific pressure. Glue amount dispensed is regulated by the pistol or dispensing cylinder. Pistol or dispensing cylinder is put in the water container mounted on the tank when not in use.

Cleanup is done by mounting the faucet adapter to the water tape and flushing with warm water. Remaining glue can be stored in the tank as long as it is under pressure.

There are a wide range of standard nozzles available and custom made ones can be made from samples of your application.