Spray on / roll on splicer glue – 5 Gallons


Splicer glue with long carry time for spray on or roll on application.

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CP-0509 Veneer Splicing Adhesive – Tan

General Characteristics:
Pre-catalyzed dry urea-formaldehyde powder with melamine fortification. Designed for use with conventional splicer machines, both longitudinal and cross-feeds , as well as automated splicing equipment.

Tan to light brown color UF/MF splicer with very long carry time. Good results on maple and

Mixing Proportions:
100 parts powder to 60 parts water – by weight
The amount of water may be varied to obtain viscosity for various application methods. Roller application generally requires a higher viscosity than a spray application. The water temperature for mixing should be between 70° F and 75° F unless plant and stock temperatures are above 90° F, then 60° F to 65° F water should be used.

Mixing Procedure:
1. Place 1/2 to 2/3 of the required water into the mixer.
2. Start agitation and slowly add the powder.
3. Mix until lump-free viscous mixture is obtained.
4. Add remaining water and mix thoroughly.

Pot life and carry time:
Pot Life: 77F = 9 to 12 hours, 90F = 5 to 6 hours
Carry time up to seven days

Splicer adhesives are usable for up to one year, when stored in a closed container in a cool, dry location. Drums should be placed on boards or pallets, and not directly on concrete floors.