Table Top Zig Zag Splicer


Eliminate veneer tape and increase productivity.

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Standard Heat
Inductive heating elements enable the glue thread to attain the proper temperature. Heater tubes, which need to be replaced annually or semi annually, are not on this machine.

Threaders are not required on our machine.

Compressed air is not required on this machine.

Bottom Thread Feed
Our machine applies the thread from the bottom with the face up. This advantage is simple – you do not drag the face across the work tables. There is no opportunity to scratch or mar the face.

Feed speed fixed 20 fpm
This speed allows for increased production. Consider an 8 to 1 face, 48 x 96. That is, 8 pieces of 6 inch veneer (48) x 96 inches, spliced into one 4 x 8 panel face. There are 7 splice lines in that panel. 7 (splice lines) x 8 ft = 56 feet of splice line. At 20 feet per minute, you can splice this panel in under three minutes.

Automatic Height Adjustment
Thick and thins and sketch face are not a problem. The left and right infeed rollers have independent movement. If your splicing 1/42 on the left and 1/24th on the right, the rollers adjust. The veneer back remains flatly aligned. Since the thread is applied on the bottom, the result is a flat back and the veneer height variation being on the face side.

27" throat
Thickness range is 1/42" – 1/12"
6" minimum length
1 3/8" minimum width
220V single phase 60 cycles

Dimensions 36"L x 19.5"W x 15"H
Machine weight 200 pounds