FSV – Flexible Sheet Veneer – 1 gallon


Fast tack PVA, for use with paperbacked veneer and applications requiring minimum clamp / press time.

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FSV Adhesive
Type: Synthetic Resin Dispersion

FSV Adhesive is a high quality synthetic resin dispersion cold setting adhesive. It is specially formulated for use with a wide range of flexible sheet veneers. Particleboard, MDF, and other wood component cores can be used in a nip roll or hand roll application process where fast tack and quick set with minimum pressure is required. This product is also suitable for use with high pressure laminates. For application of flexible sheet veneer to a wide range of substrates and for lamination of HPL to flat wood based composite cores. Also for cold press applications.

* Environmentally friendly – no voc, non-polluting
* Quick tack, fast set
* Light pink for ease of visibility
* Good gap filling properties
* Good heat resistance
* Flexible bond

Directions for use:
* All wood substrates should be conditioned at room temperature at 6-9% moisture content
* A 20-35 lbs/msgl or 4-7 mil spread is adequate applied by roller
* Laminate is then applied to substrate allowing a maximum open assembly time of 5 minutes
but is dependent on porosity of the substrates, room temperature, and quantity applied.

* Allow a maximum closed assembly time of 10-15 minutes prior to running throught the nip roller.
* While the glue is still wet The panel is then passed through a nip roller. Glue should be “wet”
when the assembly is passed through the nip roller.
* Note: Nip rolling can be accomplished with effectively no open/ closed assembly time.
best intial tack and final bond occurs through the use of maximum open and
closed assembly times.
* Panels may be dead stacked allowing a set time of about 45 minutes to 1 hour. A 24 hour cure time
is recommended before machining. No additional pressure is required.

If the adhesive is still liquid, use warm water. Dried adhesive can be removed with hot water. For waste disposal, compliance with all applicable federal, state and local regulation must be observed.

FSV can be stored in factory sealed containers for 6 months at 77°F. Protect from frost.