MPA Fast – 1 gallon


Fast setting PVA adhesive with a high degree of tack for difficult to bond surfaces.

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MPA Fast – White (Dries clear)

Type: Polyvinyl Acetate

This is a medium viscosity wood adhesive with fast setting time, making it ideally suited for dowelling and case goods assembly, as well as general product assembly where a short assembly and clamp time is required. Meets ASTM D 4317 Dry Use specification.

For wood to wood bonding, as well as bonding of other porous substrates. Also for dowelling, case
goods, face frame, and door assembly.

Directions For Use:
* Use only on freshly machined wood
* Assure all surfaces to be glued are clean and dry
* Joints should be true and pieces to be glued should be in intimate contact
* Spread a thin consistent layer (6-9 wet mil) of adhesive on one surface and bring pieces
together under pressure
* Open assembly time is 5 minutes, but is dependent on porosity of the substrates, ambient
temperature and quantity applied
* Closed assembly time is 8-12 minutes. Adhesive should be “wet” when the assembly is placed
in the press equipment
* Clamp time for cold pressing is about 20-30 minutes. Allow to cure 24 hours before

Cleans up easily with warm soapy water while wet. After cure, excess adhesive can be removed by
scraping or sanding.

Store tightly closed at room temperature.