Glue Siz – 1 gallon


Moisture retardant and penetration barrier. Also aids in balancing the finish.

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Type: Resin emulsion – Veneer and plywood sizing agent

Color: Colorless to hazy

Glu-Siz is formulated to seal the pores of wood in preparation for subsequent gluing and finishing operations. It retards moisture movement in and out of wood and composite wood materials. It sands well and seals end grain prior to gluing or finishing.

Applications and Advantages:
* Improves smoothness in finishing
* Retard change in moisture content
* Improve bond of finishes and adhesives to wood
* Seal end grain to prevent adhesive over penetration
* Improve tone uniformity in finishes

Directions For Use:
Glu-Siz may be used as received or diluted with up to a 1:1 ratio of water by weight. Maximum effect of sizing is achieved with lower water dilution. Best spreadability is achieved with higher dilutions.
* Apply by spray, roller spreader, paint roller, brush, or simply dip.
* Allow to “open air” dry (by hanging, or laying on vented rack, etc.) for a minimu of 12 hours
(ideal = 24 hours).
* After air drying, to flatten, place between Kraft paper and press.
* Plasticizing effect lasts for up to 48 hours.
* Avoid contact with iron of any kind

Store in original, sealed container in cool, dry area.