RPA – Reactive Polyurethane – 1 Gallon


Moisture cure, single component, highly resistant to water and heat.

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Type: Reactive Polyurethane Adhesive

Color: Amber

Moisture curing single-component reactive adhesive, highly resistant to water and heat. Relatively
short curing time and low foaming.

Bonding windows and doors, laminate bonding, joint bonding of MDF boards, bonding mineral building boards, and bonding ceramic, concrete and hard foam materials.

Directions For Use:
* Processing conditions: The ideal working temperature is +68°F, the ideal moisture content of
the wood is 8-12%. The adherents must be clean, dry and free from grease.
* Application: Single-sided application to the surface which is least porous, 100-200 g/m2
* Open time: 20-25 minutes, depending on temperature and humidity.
* Curing: Cures to a water-resistant, solvent-resistant and semi-rigid adhesive film when
subjected to the influence of himidity. The cross-linking process can be accelerated by means
of fine water spray or higher temperatures.

* Pressing/clamping: Provide adequate pressure that guarantees sufficient contact with the
adherent. Approximately 60 minutes at 68°F, depending on temperature and moisture supply.
* Final setting time: Processing of the bonded materials is possible after 2-3 hours. Final
strength is achieved after 24 hours.

Before cure, clean adhesive and tools with CP-526 cleaner. Hardened material must be mechanically removed.

Store in air-tight container in a cool and dry place. Protect from humidity. Opened containers should be used as soon as possible.