MPA II – crosslinking PVA -5 gallons


Crosslinking PVA 5 gal.

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Type: Cross-link Emulsion – White

A stable, non-thixotropic, self-crosslinking emulsion which is best suited for RF high frequency edge gluing and hot press veneering. Provides excellent bonds and high shear strengths on hardwoods (ie. Oak, ash, pecan, maple, etc.). Designed as a precatalyzed adhesive which elimnates mixing and exceeds Type II water resistance criteria (ANSI/HPMA 1983). It is also suitable for cold press applications.

For RF high frequency edge gluing of wood to wood and wood to wood composites, hot press
veneering and cold press applications.

* Environmentally friendly – no voc, non-polluting
* Medium to fast set speed
* No mixing
* Good water resistance (full Type II)
* Bond provides high shear strength values on maple (>3000 psi; ASTM D 905)
* Good heat resistance

Directions for use:
* All wood substrates should be conditioned at room temperature at 6-9% moisture content
* A 6-9 mil spread is adequate
* A lighter spread is typically used for hot pressing. Consult your rep. for recommended press
* Open assembly time is 5 minutes, but is dependent on porsity of the substrates, ambient
temperature and quantity applied
* Closed assembly time is 10-15 minutes. Adhesive should be “wet” when the assembly is
placed in the press equipment
* Clamp time for cold pressing is about 1 hour. Allow to cure 24 hours before machining

Use warm water if the adhesive is still liquid. Hot water may be used if the adhesive is dried

Can be stored in factory sealed containers for 6 months @ 77 F